Final hikes at the Blue Ridge Mountains – NC

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WNC Farmers Market WNC Farmer’s Market

We did so much hiking while at the Blue Ridge Mountains that I couldn’t fit them all in one post!  Maybe not surprising, when you consider the Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long with limitless hiking opportunities.  However, during our 10-day stay we drove and hiked on only about 69 miles of its southern end.  We’ll just have to come back to see more!

On the way to our hike at Chimney Rock, we swung by the area’s very popular Western North Carolina farmer’s market. This place is huge!  It even has its own exit off of I-40.  We stopped by there just to grab a few items and were amazed by its size.  This is not your ordinary small-town farmer’s market, for it sits on a 36-acre site with a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains.  We soon decided to stop back by again on our way home, knowing that…

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  1. Lydia said:

    What a beautiful photograph! Thank you. Blessings, Lydia


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