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Heavenly Raindrops

My sweet dad went to heaven two years ago today.  I wrote this poem the morning after he died.  I post it again as a tribute to the finest man I ever knew!  Although I miss him, I wouldn’t want him to return to this earth and all his suffering for anything.  Miss you Daddy!  Hoping we will see you soon!

Real heroes in battles
Are often unsung
Those that bravely defend
Yet refuse recognition when done.

 My dad was one of those
A hero, no doubt
Suffering all kinds of wars
But giving others’ praise was his shout.

 The kind of warrior
Who rare did complain
When the battles were fierce
He would let his faith alone sustain.

 A contradiction, of sorts
Though champion for sure:
Brave enough to conquer
Yet kind enough, our hearts he did stir.

 Touching lives everywhere
With his gentle ways

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