1. Trump shows signs he has significant mental health needs. Kasich has lived in a cocoon – he thinks the Left is willing to negotiate and compromise. Why? They are winning and getting all the disorder they want. Cruz is an evangelical who cannot win a friend where he works – not one. Ugh. Rubio is a nice fella – smart, an optimist – he is a hopeful man, seems to have developed and grown as a human. He has a faith story. He seems the best among the R’s and far better than that disaster who is Clinton, and that lazy bum who is Bernie the Bagel.


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  2. Yes, God is in control, but God also uses us to choose wisely in all of our life choices. Through us, the nation is blessed or cursed. It is our civic duty to vote and vote wisely choosing the best person who shows: accomplishments that are worthy, ethics above reproach, a measure of service to country, and an example of how to treat others by having treated his family and co workers responsibly. That narrows the gap. I hope we vote with deliberation and not reaction. It is then that we will gain the best choice. Jesus is the center of my world regardless of who else is in it.

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  3. The one I trusted is out now, but my husband and I both think ‘Rep. Debates 2016’ is the best new series on TV 🙂

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  4. “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God, the things that are God’s.” (Mt 22:21)

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