The Snowsuit

Morning Story and Dilbert

MS&D Vintage Dilbert
February 3, 2003

“Can you tell me if anyone in our store does community service?” Bill asked. A person spoke up and said,” I know that Rose does. She helps the homeless at her church.” Bill, my husband, had recently been transferred to this store as the Store Manager. Bill liked to recognize employees who worked in community service. He met with Rose and found out about the outreach program operating out of her inner-city church. Bill told Rose that he thought that I would enjoy helping her.

When Bill came home that night after the two-hour commute, he told me about his conversation with Rose. I was excited at the idea of helping in such a program. I started to spread the word that Bill had an employee who was helping the homeless out of her church. I asked if anyone wanted to help by donating usable…

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