Today I heard a story about the game Monopoly. I remembered playing the game many times in my life. Sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was not. Very much like life! It’s not always fun!

We all gather around the table and set the board up. Someone is the banker and they hand out the money. As the game goes on we can buy and sell property. It’s a great feeling to own Boardwalk, Park Place and to trade in those tiny green houses for red hotels. Since the hotels were red you know that’s what I wanted.

As the game goes on it’s fun if you’re the one buying the red hotels and winning the game. But the game comes to an end at some point. It isn’t very long and it’s time to put the game away. As the story I heard this morning was told, the game ends, and it all goes back in the box.

How true that is in life. It doesn’t really matter how much stuff we accumulate in life, because in the end, it all goes back in the box. Life is much more than stuff. We have no idea when the game will end. It may be today for all we know.

I’ve learned a few things over the years. I know it’s not stuff I’ll take with me when the game of life is over. I’ve learned three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

By Kay Heitsch 

  1. fewox said:

    So true, and do you know what else I have found out by the Grace of God? The more things we have stacked up, and accumulated throughout life become a burden as we get older. I often find myself asking, ” What in the world was I thinking when I bought this.” Many times we buy and grab stuff and things on an impulse. Stuff we don’t even need. I find myself now giving all I have to the poor. Imagine that ! God knows best, and He knows how to get the stuff into the right hands to begin with. Thank you Lord for teaching me how to do things the hard way, so I will learn a lesson. As for my hard head Lord, you know how to get through to it. Thank you Jesus…Amen.

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  2. Always felt Monopoly was a game of greed. I ended up refusing to play it with my children as I hated taking things off them…

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  3. Love both the dilbert and the story- John Ortberg has preached and written on this theme over the years, worth a listen if you can.

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