This Magic Moment

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
July 27, 2007

The holiday season brings with it a time to gather together and share stories. Many people reflect upon family, others about gifts, and some about gratefulness. Mine is a collection of all three.

When I was a young boy of 8 years old, I witnessed a professional magician perform miracles before my very eyes. I enjoyed the show so much my parents bought me an Authentic Magic Set for Christmas that year. That very afternoon, I hurriedly learned my first trick. It was the amazing feat of having small authentic felt balls pass through solid authentic plastic cups – just like on TV.

I raced downstairs to the kitchen to perform my first miracle for my family. My brother and sister were too busy with their own toys, and my father was next door helping the neighbors with an electrical problem, but my mother happily stopped doing the dishes and became my authentic audience of one.

I remembered the instructions perfectly, and when the felt ball magically appeared under the cup, my mother rose to her feet in astonishment and applause! Before booking my flight to Vegas, I thought I’d do one more free show for my father and our neighbors.

Through the freshly fallen snow, I ran without a coat or even a magic cape, from our back door to theirs. I found the two frustrated fathers in the family room surrounded by wires and bulbs. They obviously needed a diversion – magic. I called them over to the center of the room, and told them to, “Prepare to be amazed!”

While setting up my cups and balls on the coffee table, I explained, using the authentic banter from my direction booklet, how I was about to mesmerize them by making the felt balls pass directly through the sturdy plastic cups. With a professional flourish, I scooped up the first cup and ball, and they stopped me. “What about the ball you hid under the 3rd cup?” they said.

I was stunned. My powers of prestidigitation were gone. I was more than embarrassed… I was crushed.

They quickly got back to work on the pressing problem of malfunctioning Christmas lights. I gathered my authentic supplies and left.

As I slowly trudged back home replaying everything in my mind, I couldn’t figure out what had gone so wrong. I mean, I performed this trick flawlessly just minutes earlier. My mother had no idea how the ball – then it hit me. I did the exact same trick, with exact same lack of skill for my mother. She HAD to see the same mistake. She KNEW the ball was under that cup all along. But, like she always did, she cared enough to make that moment about me instead of her.

I was stunned. The power of love welled inside me. I was more than happy – I was grateful.

The circle of life continues to roll on. This Christmas, my son will receive his first magic set. And while I know there will be lights that won’t work and dishes to clean, I’m prepared to be amazed!

Thanks Mom.

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author
 so credit can be given
  1. We can get swept up in living the problems or the magic. The first gets consumed with self the last always looms outward and embraces the adventure, and maybe getting swept up in the adventure is the entryway to love.

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  2. Aww, I have a friend who is an illusionist and he will love this story! My storytelling juices are already at work!


  3. What precious gifts we can bestow upon others when we “make the moment” about them, not ourselves. Love this, Kenny. Thanks!

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