What We Could All Learn About Life From My One-Eyed Dog

Thought Catalog

Her name is Teddi. And yes, we often follow it up with, “Teddi with an I…get it, I. EYE?!?” And it gets a mere chuckle. Probably a “that was a terrible pun, but you tried so here’s a sympathy laugh.” Don’t know why we keep attempting material that clearly isn’t working, but alas. Teddi. The pup with one-eye stealing the hearts of everyone she meets.

Teddi looking cute as hell Teddi looking cute as hell

She’s a bundle of happy and kisses. And based on how she lives her life, you’d never know she has a disability. She runs with the kind of energy you’d associate with someone who has never been hurt. Someone who has never seen the darker side of humanity. And maybe it’s because she’s a dog and they are naturally more forgiving creatures, but I look at her and marvel. She loves everything she sees. And she’d have every reason not…

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