10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Her Daddy

Morning Sry and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
December 14, 1993

If you are anything like me, you have had the privilege of growing up with the world’s best dad. There is nothing quite like the love of a father, and there aren’t enough words to describe it. Let’s face it, ladies; we need our daddies, and here is why.

1. They treat us like the princesses we are. Our dads know exactly how our significant other should be treating us, and if that isn’t happening, Daddy becomes the knight in shining armor. After all, he is the first man we ever love and the first to love us back.

2. It does not matter if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere or need someone to carry you out of the haunted house; Dad is the ultimate definition of protection. We all remember the nightmares and immediately running down the hall just the climb in bed beside your dad. There is comfort and the feeling of finally being safe when you are with him.

3. We need someone that is brutally honest, someone that is not afraid of telling us we need to wear less makeup (because he knows we are naturally beautiful), or never go on a date with that guy again (because he’ll just show up on your secret date with him and ruin it anyway).

4. Every girl needs to know she is worth so much more than she believes. You get that every single day when your dad is around. It’s almost like they are trained, or it’s inherited, to constantly remind us we deserve better, we are capable of anything, and we can make our own decisions.

5. It is hard not to become a well-rounded individual when you have someone teaching you independence, the rules of every sport, and how to be a leader. Having the world’s best dad is like taking a life core class in college. He teaches you everything you need to know.

6. When your dreams seem out of reach, who is the one that believes in them the most? Probably the one that has taught you to dream that big. Dads push you to be the best you can be and achieve what seems impossible. When your plan fails miserably, he will be ready to pick up your pieces and build you up again.

7. Need more groceries? Got it. Need more gas in the car? Got it. Need (another) formal dress? Got it. You get the picture.

8. You need someone that will fight for you (figuratively and literally), even when you are wrong. The minute you walk through the doors with tears running down your face, Dad is already cracking his knuckles.

9. Just when you think it could never happen to you — it does. You have a flat tire and, thankfully, you know exactly what to do all because he sat you down one Saturday afternoon, and just when he thought you were only scrolling through Instagram, you were actually paying attention. Good thing.

10. You need your Daddy because imagine a world without them. Imagine if you did not have that strong shoulder to cry on. Imagine if you did not have someone to rebuild your confidence when it gets knocked down. Imagine if you did not have someone to always call you their little girl.

By -Lindsey Rae Hurst
  1. Such beautiful thoughts. It’s true: girls need the affection and approval of their fathers. I’ve seen the sad results in adulthood when this need isn’t met.

    The thought of running to your dad when you have a nightmare really touched me because it’s so opposite of my own experience. Rather, I was married for ten years before I quit having nightmares about my dad and his volatile temper.

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  2. I would’ve loved to have a father,, unfortunately not everyone gets that. I didn’t, but I have the most wonderful husband who was a father like you just talked about. He lost his father when he was only 9 years old, but he sure is a good dad !!! I love, love, love him. So I just let it go. I didn’t get a dad, but my creator showed me the way and he gave me a great guy to share my world with, to give me a family and a home. ❤ We have 4 great kids, well 2. The other 2 I gave back to God, because he gets to teach them what they need to learn now. 🙂

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  3. vitaminlover said:

    There is nothing like a good father. One who won’t betray your trust. My daughters have been blessed with a good, decent honorable Daddy. I wasn’t but it’s ok because my girls get what I didn’t have. Great article.

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  4. My dad went to Heaven in 1987 yet the memory of him sometimes help me make a decision.He adopted me when I was but two years old when he married my mother. He was all of the thing in the above piece and more.

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