Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
March 1, 2001

I was driving home in a gloomy rainstorm on a cold, March morning in the mountains of my home. Part of me was enjoying the rain thinking that it would clean the slush, salt, and grime that covered my car from weeks of Winter driving and save me a trip to the car wash. Another part of me was keeping a watchful eye on the creeks and rivers hoping that the melting snow and freshly falling rain wouldn’t lead to any flooding.

A deeper part of me, however, was quietly dreaming of the warmer weather and strengthening sunshine to come in the weeks ahead. I knew that they would join with this nourishing rain to turn the yellow grass green, to bring new buds and leaves to the trees, and to cause the million flowers sleeping underground to push their heads through the soil and start the Spring. It would be that glorious time when the whole world comes back to life again and it was all starting with this steady, March shower.

The rains in our own lives can bring mixed blessings as well. Storms of problems and troubles can flood us with stress, strain, and pain. They can make our days seem dark and dreary. They can make our hearts feel heavy and sad. Yet, these same storms can also strengthen our spirits. They can help our souls to grow. They can lead us to learning and wisdom. They can cause our hearts to reach out to God and to each other.

There is a reason why a world with only sunshine and no rain becomes a desert. There is a reason why a life with no problems becomes boring and barren, devoid of both learning and growth. God wants us to grow. God wants us to learn. God wants us to love each other as He loves us. God wants us to embrace His light in both the sunshine and the rain. And God wants us to shine and share our own light as well even on the darkest of days.

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author so credit can be given
  1. jacqui said:

    just lovely!


  2. This is the third time today I’ve read such a devotional thought.What are you guys trying to do to me! I write this as I watch the lovely rain keeping our already Oregon grass and trees green. I love to watch the rain from my upstairs cove, but don’t like to be out in it. Could this too be a correlation to life? Excellent post. Thanks.

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  3. I love that sentence about all sunshine and no rain creating a desert. When showers of trouble fall, I need to remember that sunshine and Spring WILL come–even if that means waiting until I enter heaven. And while I wait, the blessings of growing, learning, and more will keep my heart full of joy. Thank you, Kenny, for bringing this post out of the vault!

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