Life Is Like A Cafeteria

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
November 19, 2009

A friend’s grandfather came to America from Eastern Europe. After being processed at Ellis Island, he went into a cafeteria in lower Manhattan to get something to eat. He sat down at an empty table and waited for someone to take his order. Of course nobody did. Finally, a woman with a tray full of food sat down opposite him and informed him how a cafeteria worked.

“Start out at that end,” she said. “Just go along the line and pick out what you want. At the other end they’ll tell you how much you have to pay.”

“I soon learned that’s how everything works in America,” the grandfather told a friend. “Life’s a cafeteria here. You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.

You can even get success, but you’ll never get it if you wait for someone to bring it to you. You have to get up and get it yourself.”

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author so credit can be given
  1. awax1217 said:

    My grandmother told me a story. She went into one of these cafeterias. A man was eating but had to go to the bathroom. He left the table and put his napkin on his chair. The food was left on the tray. As soon as he was out of sight another man sat down. He picked up the napkin and finished what was on the plate. Then he left. The other man came back and figured the cleaning lady had cleaned the table. He left unhappy. The man who ate the rest of the food was happy. Some people find the food on the plate half full and some find it half empty. So true of life. Some live it fully, and others live it as an empty void.


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