Just Suppose

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
October 22, 2002

Suppose that tomorrow morning your phone rings and the operator informs you that you have a call from Buckingham Palace, London, England. The person in England comes on the line, identifies himself as an administrator in charge of the education of the children of the king of England.

He proceeds to tell you that he has had observers around the United States looking for the perfect tutor for the king’s children. After many months of evaluation, he has determined that you are the one best qualified to tutor the royal offspring. Would you please fly to England at your earliest convenience to discuss assuming these responsibilities? Now, as a matter of fact, you just happen to have some ideas about raising children and you are excited and eager to take the job.

You fly to England and sign a contract. But before you begin your job, the administrator says you are going to have to take two weeks of intensive study to learn the finer points of raising the king’s children.

During this time, you learn that children of royalty adhere to a different curriculum than most other children. They must not only learn to read and write, gain maturity and be proficient in many fields of academic endeavor. They must also be familiar with the history of their country and of western civilization. They must learn how to function in the royal court. They must know how to treat their subjects with consideration and tact. They must learn to relate to the heads-of-state of other countries. They must learn about political amenities and that their time is not always their own. They may not get to play in the street with other children. They will not be exposed to crudity or vulgarity. They will learn to be moral, true, honest, gracious, kind, gentle, and yet strong in their convictions.

When the two weeks are completed, you begin a successful career of raising the children of the king. In later years, you are honored for having attained your goals. The king commends you and his children commend you for your devotion and hard work.

A fanciful story, you may say. But let me suggest this: if you have children in your home, you have already received a call to raise royal offspring. The call did not come from Buckingham Palace, it has come from the throne of Almighty God. You do not have to go to London to do your tutoring, you can do it in your own home with the children God gave you to raise.

Your children may not serve in English courts, but they have the potential to serve in the kingdom of God as sons of God. When your children accept Jesus Christ as Savior, they become members of the Kingdom of God. There is no higher ranking in all the world. You may not live in a palace on earth, but you children can live in palaces in heaven if you do your job right.

Give your children the very special training God’s children ought to have. Teach them to obey, to be gentle and kind, but powerful for righteousness and morality. Teach them the Bible, teach them how to pray, teach them to put others before themselves as Jesus did. Teach them to obey God’s commands and to have a perfect heart before God.

  1. Megan said:

    Thank you so much for this great inspiration!


  2. As I was reading, I was thinking, “Well, my kids aren’t royalty, and I didn’t succeed at every point, but this sure is the way my husband and I wanted to teach/train our children.” With God’s help, through the Word of God, we did the best we could. I think that is all that God requires.


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