God’s Faithfulness and Protection

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
October 8, 2014

One day we were sitting at the temple entrance… one of the Christians passing by gave me a tract. I kept it to take home with me and read it later. When I read this tract it spoke of receiving the gift of eternal life when believing in Jesus Christ. I started to question and wonder, ‘How can we know eternal life? What is this eternal life the tract spoke of?’

I asked my wife and children about the matter of eternal life, and they simply joked about it saying, “Father you are a good man, you will surely be a rich man in your next life.”

But the thought would not leave me… When I die, will there be a place that I go to? So I kept thinking about this over and over in my heart and mind, until finally at midnight I called on Jesus, ‘Lord Jesus I believe, please give me eternal life.’

The Lord Jesus heard my prayer and answered my call. Then the light shone into my soul, light in my heart which was great joy. I am at peace, a real peace in my heart which I had never experienced before, which is difficult to put into words.

Early the next morning I knew in my heart that I must throw out the image of Buddha, which I had previously worshipped every day. Without speaking to my wife, I took the image and threw it into a small river….

When my wife woke up and was preparing an offering to the image of Buddha, it was gone! She was very upset asking, ‘What is happening here? Where are the gods?“

I told her I had thrown them away. My wife was very angry, crying and shouting and went to the local authorities to report the matter.

Immediately they came to my home—policemen, firemen, the local security forces… All asking at once what had happened.

I told them that I had found the True and Living God, Who loved me and had given me eternal life.

They then proceeded to tell me I was not worthy to live. Then I was imprisoned for five days when they tried to convince me to give up this foolish belief and convert back to Buddhism. Thank God, the Lord Jesus gave me strength to face and overcome these trials, and gave me words to speak and answer my accusers.

Please pray for me as I have been forced to leave my village, my wife and my two children who I love dearly. I pray that I may soon be able to return back to them. I love them but I cannot do what they have asked me to do—curse my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, come back to Buddha and my family.

May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on my family and my fellow-villagers.

  1. In each of us is the God of our choice. It is a personal matter. We start out being told what to worship and then sometime later we pick our road. The path to our enlightenment. The act of justification is strange for in reality we do not need to do that. If it is in your heart to worship Christ and it gives you a sense of balance then it is a great boon. If it is Buddhism, Hindu, Jewish or others so be it. As long as you are in a better position. If Christ was asked he would say his best friends in heaven are those who believe in his father. And his father is made of all sorts. Heaven is open to all. That was the point of Jesus. He died for all sins.


  2. I will certainly pray for this man that he can continue to hear and answer the Lord’s call in his life. Living according to God’s will and not his own.


  3. May our faithful God and Father uphold you in strength. In Isaiah 41:10 He said: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (NIV). He will uphold you, and we will be praying for your family. As our Lord Jesus healed the centurion’s servant because of the centurion’s faith, and as He healed the man’s son in John 4:50, because of the man’s faith, so the Lord in His mercy will heal your wife and children from unbelief. In His mercy, as you hold on in faith like the centurion did, He will open the eyes of their heart (as well as your parents, siblings [and their families]) to see Him and receive Him, as you have done. Just as God wanted to get the whole house of Abraham (and the future nation of Israel) by first of all getting Abraham, so also God is using you as the beginning of salvation to your family, your village and to generations unborn. So be strong dear brother, because the Lord your God within you is mighty (Zephaniah 3:17). Amen.


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