My Precious Friend;


writing_scroll-1I am sending you this letter by one of my disciples. I just wanted to let you know how much I love and care about you, and how I greatly desire to be a meaningful part of your life.

This morning when you awoke, I was already there with you in the light of My beautiful sunshine that filled your room. I was hoping that you would say good morning to Me; you didn’t. So, I thought maybe it was a little too early in the day to notice Me. Again I tried to get your attention when you stepped out of your door. I kissed your face with a soft gentle breeze. I breathed upon you My fragrant sweet breath scented with flowers. Then I sang you a love song through the birds in the trees. You walked right past Me. Later on that day I watched over you…

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  1. Norma Mercurio said:

    I love this letter from Jesus to me …and you …and you… and you … and…
    It is a gentle reminder to me to be aware of all the ways God speaks to me every day.


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