Coming Clean

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
June 9, 2006

A man from New York City vacationed several times up in the State of Maine. He liked it so well up there that he sold out in New York and bought a home in Maine to live there for the rest of his life. He liked the honest lifestyle and the clean air etc.

His neighbor he noticed raised rabbits for a living. The man had several dozen hutches full of rabbits.

One day shortly after the move to the new home the former New Yorker looked out his window in time to see his dog carrying a rabbit in its mouth. Horrified, he ran out to save the rabbit, only to find it was too late. Mortified and embarrassed, he went to the neighbor with the dead bunny. The neighbor was very nice about the incident and told him not worry about it.

Sometime later the rabbit man needed to go on a visit to see his son in a distant state for two weeks. The New Yorker, hearing about this, thought he could redeem himself, and volunteered to clean and feed and water the rabbits for the man.

The two weeks went without incident until about an hour before the neighbor was to return home. The dog again was trotting across the yard with a rabbit in his mouth. The New Yorker ran out again to save the poor animal, but it was too late! The animal was dirty and beyond help.

This time, to save embarrassment, the New Yorker filled up his sink with hot water and put in some Woolite. The rabbit washed clean and the wife blow dried it with her electric blow dryer. The New Yorker quickly put the rabbit in a cage and went home.

About an hour later he got a phone call from the rabbit man asking if he saw any thing unusual about the rabbits. The New Yorker acted mystified and said no. He went on to say that if anything happened, it happened after he fed the animals that morning.

“Funny thing,” the rabbit man said. “I have a dead rabbit, and it looks just like the one I buried just before I left for my trip.”

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author
 so credit can be given
  1. We should try to be faithful to what we say or do no matter how difficult it might seems to be because we can only deceive human but not God. Everything we do, is being recorded. Definitely, it is because of quilt that made the New Yorker to do what he did. But I feel it would have been better if he has come out with every truth and explain to the man what went wrong which would have save him from the fear of the man knowing what has really happened. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the write-up.


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