Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
December 17, 1998

I remember the tree—decorated so bright,

and tramping thru’ snow on a cold winter’s night—

the holly and mistletoe where lovers would kiss,

and all the great gifts—that’s what I sure miss…

But most of all, when I hear Christmas songs,

I think of the Christ Child and where he belongs—

deep in our hearts and memories too,

in church and at home with more than a few.

In ‘Nativity Scenes’ on everyone’s yard,

in windows of stores, and in Christmas cards.

I long to see those sweet images of—

children in school plays bowed with haloes above.

To hear cheery greetings as strangers pass by,

and know His spirit shall live—never die

if we not let tradition and God disappear,

and celebrate His birth, year after year…

Oh, Heavenly Father, forgive us for straying—

for parties and shopping, too much holidaying.

Bring us to our senses—turn back the dark tide,

for we need you, dear Savior, right here by our side.

By -Tamara Hillman
My Christmas Wish © Christmas/2008

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