The Penguin Story

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
October 29, 1994

Many years ago after an unpleasant engagement on a cruise liner I visited a zoo. I looked at a penguin on a rock and thought to myself: “You are such a poor creature… your wings are too small, you can not fly and worst of all: The creator didn’t even give you knees… My mind was made up: poor design!

Flying Penguin After walking down a little stair way I looked through a glass pane into the pool. Suddenly my penguin jumped into the water and now he was flying… Wow! He was in his element…

Later I did a research: Penguins are ten times more streamlined than a Porsche! With the equivalent amount energy of one liter fuel they can swim 2500km. Penguins are excellent swimmer and hunter and they enjoy being in the water. They are more advanced than anything built by humans. And I thought: poor design!

Glück kommt selten allein… Like the little penguin needs water to be in his element we all need an environment where we can develop our strengths. This story is in a way a metaphor for Eckart von Hirschhausen life itself. He realized that the hospital is not the best environment to develop his personal strengths. He jumped into the cold water and changed his environment from the hospital to the stage. Today he is a very successful comedian, speaker and bestseller author.

Think about your strengths for a moment? Are you in your element right now?

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author
 so credit can be given
  1. And, if we aren’t, we need to find our element. 😀 Good story! Thanks!


  2. Reblogged this on BeforeSheImplodes and commented:
    I just shouted “NO IM NOT!” at my desk in the office after reading this…
    There has to be something I can do..but then looking at that line “He jumped into the cold water and changed…” kinda shows me that I do know what to do. I just dont want to feel cold before changing…
    Its looking unavoidable, I guess that is what faith is for huh…


  3. I do my very best telling stories but I don’t write stories. I tell stories. It is good that even now at 70 I can still use that ability to stir hearts at my local senior center. I just had to be bold enough to ask if I could do it. Last week I took “stage” with two other storytellers and we had such a good time as did our listeners. I encourage your readers to just boldly step forward regardless of age or position and do what you do best wherever you can! I use my storytelling ability every week at a local nursing home too.


    • That is absolutely wonderful!!!!! It sounds like you really enjoyed story telling!!!

      Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  4. I wonder if the penguin ever looks up at the albatross and wishes he could fly? For that matter, does the albatross wish he could swim?! Sometimes we look longingly at the element in which someone else flourishes, and wish we could join that person. But the Creator may have a different plan. With Paul, I want to be content right where God puts me (Phil. 4:11-12), and celebrate with others their God-given strengths and successes. This story was a strong reminder. Thank you, Kenny!


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