Ready for Battle

Especially Made

Every night when I go to bed, I am wounded, struck down by the battles of the day. I would say that the battles can’t be as hard as what others may face. But the battles are mine, and I am tested to the full. That which I am most weak in is the place of the most intense fighting.

I lie awake for some time replaying the events of the day. When my eyes finally close, The Lord gives me the rest I need, both physical and spiritual. “Rest, my child, for tomorrow is a new day of battles.” “What, Lord? More battles? I may not want to awaken from this peaceful solitude. How could I fight when I barely made it through this day? Why would you enlist me once again when my wounds are still fresh?”

BibleBut while I am asleep, He renews me and miraculously heals…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this! You don’t know what a blessing it has been when you have reblogged one of my posts. Much of what I write comes from the refiner’s fire … not always pleasant at the moment, but it’s for my good. So when others share in what I go through, sending their comments of encouragement, prayers, or when they say “Praise The Lord” with me, it is truly a unique kind of fellowship to experience! God bless you!


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