Dead Ducks Don’t Flutter

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
September 2, 1993

Many years ago, a wealthy man went duck hunting with a hired hand named Sam.They took a horse and carriage, and along the way a rim came off one of the wheels. As Sam hammered it back on, he accidentally hit his finger. Instantly he let go with some bad words. He quickly fell to his knees, asking God’s forgiveness. “Lord, it’s difficult at times to live the Christian life”, he prayed. “Sam” said the man, “I know you’re a Christian, but tell me why you struggle so, I’m an atheist, and I don’t have problems like that.”

Sam didn’t know what to say. Just then two ducks flew overhead. The man raised his gun and two shots rang out. “Leave the dead one and go after that wounded bird!” he shouted. Sam pointed at the duck that was fluttering desperately to escape and said, “I’ve got an answer for you now, Boss. You said my Christianity isn’t any good because I have to struggle so. Well, I’m the wounded duck, and struggle to get away from the devil. But you Boss, you’re the dead duck!”

That insight fits Paul’s description of his Christian experience in Romans 7: 14-25. Struggle is one evidence of God’s work in our lives Forgiveness of sin is available, so don’t despair. Remember, dead ducks don’t flutter.
Author  –  Dennis De Hann

  1. I think I prefer being a duck with a broken wing trying to flee destruction – that’s a GREAT image! Peace be with you – Kelly


  2. St Francis de Sales noted that it is a good sign when the enemy of the soul rages at our door: it means we haven’t invited him in. God bless!


    • Amen…for me it often means I’ve taken back the control after having given it to God! He wants me to leave it ALL with Him!


  3. I wasn’t expecting that. Good one. Sometimes it is a difficult walk but at least we are still walking. I’ll take that any day. Struggles are usually a sign of growth so I will take that, too. Have a great day! – Amy 😀


  4. gwennonr said:

    Thank you so much for this writing. I was especially needing this good encouragement today. And since I’ll probably need it again soon, I am moving it to my “good encouragement” folder in my email. Thanks again!

    May God bless you!


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