Enjoy It

Drawing From the Well

As I drove home last evening from church I was thinking about what could be posted that would inspire and encourage people. I began thinking about all the stuff that was going on and realized that life is pretty good right now. There are struggles and concerns but nothing that is really out of the ordinary for daily life. In thinking about this I was almost disappointed that there wasn’t some struggle that I could glean a bit of spiritual wisdom from to pass on to anyone that needed it.

As I rolled this over in my mind I could sense God touching my heart and mind. It was as if He was saying, “Just enjoy it.” And then I realized that I didn’t need some great struggle in order to see the goodness of God. It was (and still is) all around me all the time. We tend to…

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  1. Good thoughts, and something I’ll have to remember next time everything’s going right and I start to think that it’s going right because of me.


  2. Psalm 23 never fails to inspire me with its sheer beauty, power and simplicity. Great and timely post!


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