Kamryn and Nana Take a Walk

The Shepherd's Presence

Just two blocks away from us is a paved walkway on the Franklin College campus. The college graciously opened the athletic park and walking path to general public at no cost to us. I frequent both the path and campus with evening walks. Occasionally one of the grandkids walks with me but I mostly walk my own pace and enjoy the scenery. Today was a perfect day to walk. The weather was particularly agreeable. Kamryn, three years old, joined me today.

She possesses one of those little cars that one can “walk” or Nana can push. Today, Nana pushed—at first. If anyone followed us, they would be challenged to describe it to another person. We stopped to pick a couple of wildflowers, stopped to reposition baby doll, we stopped to watch the college ball game (to the delight of other spectators who began watching Kamryn instead of the game), we…

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