Hurricane Sandy – Acts of Kindness

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
July 4, 1995

“Last fall during Hurricane Sandy, our home flooded and we lost most of our belongings.
To help my two kids regain some normalcy, I took them to Walmart to buy a couple of toys.

As we walked in, I helped an elderly man wrench a cart from the stack- he thanked me then politely asked how we’d fared during the storm. I told him about the flood and he said, ‘I’m replacing some things for my grand kids. Will you help me pick out a few things?’
We happily browsed the aisles filling his cart with food, toys and clothes. As we parted ways at the checkout, he thanked us with a wink.

I bought my kids one toy apiece, and as we were leaving, a woman from customer service stopped me to say I’d forgotten my cart. I told her it wasn’t mine, but she insisted and wheeled the basket over- it was everything we’d chosen for the man’s grand kids! in tears, I read the note scribbled on the gift receipt: ‘Thanks for helping an old man find joy!”


Copied from Suspended Coffee Face Book (see link on MS&D side panel)
Submitted by a lady named Cyndi
  1. NH said:

    My wife invested a lot of time into coordinating supplies for Sandy victims. This is a touching story.


  2. Another MS&D story to make me cry. I find reading these stories to be the best way to start my day – they set me up for the rest of the day. Inspiring, thought-provoking, magical.


  3. One of those real life stories that at the end makes one respond with eyes wide, “Oh!” because it takes the breath away.


  4. I love it. What a good lesson in simple human kindness.


  5. Just discovered your blog. Dilbert PLUS inspiration?! Amazing. Insta-follow.


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