I Am Optimistic

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
June 12, 2002

I am optimistic about the future of the human race. Now, many of my friends have asked me time and again how I can have such hope for the future in the face of the problems we have today. Hunger, pollution, sickness, inflation, recession, unemployment, wars, and terrorism fill so many hearts with fear.

This world seems to be overflowing with greed, hypocrisy, anger, hatred, prejudice, and intolerance. A better life for ourselves and our children seems for many to be some impossible dream. How then can I be so optimistic?

My optimism comes from looking into the hearts and souls of all the people I see every day. I see a little boy, holding open a heavy door for an elderly man walking with a cane. I see a young mother, with a baby in her arms, buy an extra box of macaroni in the store and put it in the food drive box to help feed the hungry. I see three different people pull off the road to help a motorist, whose car broke down.

Then there’s a lady going door to door, who shares with her neighbors the extra vegetables she grew in her garden. I see teenagers giving up their spring and summer vacations to spend time helping to repair the homes of the poor and elderly. I see a man, taking off his one winter coat and giving it to a woman, who has none.

I see people give their time, talents, and energies to make the life of someone else a little better and a little brighter. Everywhere I look there are people with smiling faces and kind hearts, people helping people, people caring for our world, and people loving their neighbors as themselves. Everywhere I look I see people living as God meant for us to live.

That is why I remain so optimistic about us all. Sometimes we fail, are selfish, and create more problems than we solve. Still, in our hearts, we are good. In our souls, we are God’s children. In our lives, we are loving beings capable of saving this world for us and our children.


By Joseph J. Mazzella
  1. I like this. I was just thinking the other day about how hopeless our world seems. How the values and morality of Christianity seems to be fading away, and then I took comfort in the reminder that God will build his Church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. What a blessing to know that no matter what happens in our world, God is still in control!


  2. lolyer said:

    I choked up. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Thank you for the reminder – it is so easy to fall prey to defeatism and heartbreak with the state of affairs of the world. Amen to hope!


  4. Someone once broke into my dad’s car. He had parked it on the underground level of a city street so the break-in happened during the day. All that was taken was a pair of warm gloves and a scarf. In their place another, worn threadbare pair of gloves was left for him. My dad said he gladly paid to repair his broken window at the thought that the incident might have saved a homeless man from frostbite. You can let life make you bitter or let it make you better.


  5. cate b said:

    Excellent! If we don’t hope for/in the next generation if could be fatal. Thanks for sharing this. Can I re-blog?


    • Yes, You can re-blog anything on the Morning Story and Dilbert!!!! It is such an honor to be re-blogged….

      Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  6. cate b said:

    Reblogged this on Let's Have Another Piece of Pie and commented:
    Came across this great post today of a blogger I follow regularly. We can’t give up hoping in the next generation. No matter how things look there is always hope…….


  7. You said it perfectly. This day and age it seems like our teens and adults do not do these things as much as they should. And to see these rare occurances is refreshing and strikes a hunger in my heart to have more of that Sacrifice and giving each and every day.

    Well said. 🙂 Thank you for all of your inspiring stories and thoughts. I love your blog.


  8. It is so wonderful to hear such a positive outlook on the future. Fear runs far too many people. If one looks back on history, God has always brought us through ever changing situations in our society. I really don’t think he is ever going to stop the growing process for all of us! There is only rest, peace and hope in that fact!


  9. ..and if you do not see these things yourself, perhaps you need to change positions so that you can get a better view…


  10. Such a GREAT lesson and reminder! My heart is moved and enlightened after having read your post. I’m lifting my praises to God for you, your blog, and the wonderful posts you write, time and time again : ) God bless you.


  11. what a great post. I wrote a class paper over the weekend about casting vision. It’s the people I see that inspire me to cast vision with hopes of helping them.


  12. Anonymous said:

    Dilbert is great! That guy would fit right in at some places I know!


  13. mtetar said:

    Hallelujah! Good read. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar


  14. This is like a cool drink of water on a summer day. Thanks for seeing and sharing the good in people.


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