Judgement and walking in another’s shoes

Walking the talk

The Bible says that we shouldn’t judge … but it’s hard not to.  When talking to another person, my mind is constantly assessing, forming opinions on – and let’s face it, judging what they’re saying.  We make decisions on what we like / dislike, agree with / disagree with, think is right / wrong.  We judge.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – we sniff milk that’s been left for slightly too long in the fridge to judge if it’s good to drink.  Similarly, we judge what people say / write to see whether it is wholesome – or not – for our minds, spirits or souls.  We use the innate judgement that God has given us.

But when we judge in a different way we can be in effect saying that we are worthier of God’s love / forgiveness / attention etc than the person we are…

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  1. I felt as if you read my post on don dresden. I never meant to sould like i was judgingthem just that our choices can have great effects upon others. I truly didn`t tell the real choices which cause this. I did enjoy reading your blogs especially this one. It is well written and thought provoking. I enjoy your blogs
    Kindest regards, Don Mucheck

    With all of my heart and love, Don


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