The Power of a Dream

Drawing From the Well

Dreams are interesting things. No, I’m not talking about the ones caused by too much pizza before bed. Let’s face it…those ones can get downright weird. The dreams that I am thinking of aren’t really ones that you have at night while sleeping. I’m talking about those things that you want to accomplish. Some would call them goals or ambitions. They’re the things that you think about. The things that you say, “I really want to do this.” These dreams can be powerful. For some…they can be a life changing thing.

We think about goals, dreams, and desires all the time. Some would like more money. Some would like a different job. Some would like to meet Mr. or Miss Right. But have we really thought about life and the things it entails…about the people we touch and impact? When we really look at it we don’t have all that…

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  1. I never thought of my dreams and ambitions that way. Food for thought that’s for sure. I need to pick up my bible much more often, the knowledge in that book is simply incredible.


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