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rainbow bunkMy wife, Miss Sugar, descended from a line of plumbers.  Her Italian grandfather was a plumber in New Jersey.  He taught the trade to her father, who moved to Texas to not be a plumber.

Yesterday, we turned on the water in the bunkhouse, which had been winterized until then.  The pipe behind the shower leaked.  So I called a plumber.  We have company coming in a few days and the bunkhouse is our guesthouse.

The plumber was booked until Monday.  (This occurred on Friday.)  So I called another plumber.  He could come Monday afternoon.  So I called the first guy back and scheduled for Monday morning.  That might work because our guests arrive on Tuesday.

However, Miss Sugar is not one to wait.

I was in Denver most of the day.  As a lawyer, I frequently go there for cases.  This was my second day this week that I…

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