Doggone Bad Dog Gone

Shootin' the Breeze


Here we go again.  I hope my loyal followers do not mind another story about Beau, our Yellow Lab, and his misdeeds.  Actually, I mind writing about more of his misdeeds because that means I experienced them, which I did, again.

On Sunday evening, Miss Sugar and I made plans to meet another couple for dinner at the local restaurant at 5:30 p.m.  Note that I wrote the local restaurant.  Where we live, twenty miles from town, the restaurant that is closest is at a mountain resort called Western Ridge with cabins to rent, a horse stable, pool, and (this is important) a LAKE.

We drove the pickup and brought the dogs, who were to wait in the pickup per our plan.  When I say the dogs were in the pickup, I mean in the cab, not the bed of the truck from which they could jump out.

Miss Sugar…

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  1. I feel for you. We know what it’s like, especially as we have an English Springer Spaniel who loves water & muddy shorelines.


  2. Get a load of this — a river runs through our ranch. Beau is in dog heaven, and we are in mopping the kitchen floor purgatory.


  3. mary said:

    Even after all that, I bet old Beau is still by your side. You gotta love these dogs, they keep our life interesting.


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