The Bicycle Daddy Made for Me

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
April 30, 1999

I didn’t know bikes sold in stores in shiny red and blue;

My bike was made of junk yard parts my daddy sorted through.

My brother and my sisters all had bikes that Daddy also made;

And learning to ride my own bike was something that I craved.

My Daddy promised me a bike when I reached six years old;

As that birthday loomed ahead, my begging grew more bold.

Finally he went to the basement to build a bike for me,

Using all those rusted parts he picked up nearly free.

The bike he built was very large for a little girl like me;

So I had to learn while standing up, but how hard could that be?

With staunch determination, I tried and took a fall,

And wished with all my little heart that bike was not so tall;

But in time I learned to stand and ride which made my daddy proud

Of how I took those many falls and never cried out loud.

My bike was balanced perfectly and I could ride, no hands”

After I grew tall enough to sit instead of stand.

The bike was never shiny and it really wasn’t “new”

But it taught a little girl to have fun while “making do”.

by Betty Killebrew
  1. FlorK said:

    This reminds me of the bicycle that my father bought for his five daughters so they could learn how to ride. We took turns on it and the poor bike took more falls than we did! It wasn’t shiny or new, just an old, second-hand bike but how we loved it! God bless and thanks for helping me recall a precious time in my life.


  2. Wonderful! It’s something we’re trying to teach our children … I don’t mean bike-riding 🙂 but being content in what God gives us, whether big or small, old or new.


  3. Your blog is one of the things I missed most during my WordPress hiatus. Thanks for all the mental and spiritual nourishment you post every morning! Peace be with you — Kelly


  4. It’s strange how often those who have “nothing” really enjoy life, while those who seem to have “everything” are never satisfied. Great post.


  5. Blessings,

    Now that is simply beautiful:) The simple things in life that inspire love. She recognized something far greater than the bicycle. She knew how much love her daddy put into making that bicycle for just her, it was nothing but the love of a father for his daughter. Just like the Father in heaven loves all His children unconditionally.

    Thanks for sharing that:)


  6. In losing the “art of making do” we lose the ability to be content in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Thanks for the reminder Kenny T. that contentment beats shiny any day!


  7. I shared this post on Facebook. Thank you for sharing this and please pray that we will always have the grace to be content with the things that God has given us and that we will learn how to best utilize them.


  8. When I was 6 my dad promised me a flying bike. I’m still waiting. 🙂


  9. I got the exact same bike when I was 12. I got my first new bike when I was in my 50’s. It couln’t beat the the boys in my neighbourhood like the one my dad made. The falls made me more determined to learn to ride. Thank you for the reminder.C


  10. Making do… is there any other way? 🙂 What a great memory from childhood–those that we carry with us forever. Take care, Kenny! 😀


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