Don’t Panic

Sweet Rains

ImageDo you ever feel like you’re losing control and things are slipping through your fingers?  Sometimes when things start becoming a bit chaotic or scary, we panic and grasp for control.  But like holding sand and trying to grasp it more tightly, we find it slipping through our fingers even faster.  And instead of maintaining control, like King Saul, who was jealous of David’s success and popularity, he eventually lost his kingdom, his son, and his very life.


Or maybe you’re more like Eli, the priest, who was passive and failed to properly train and rein in his sons.  He held them too loosely, not realizing things were slowly slipping through his fingers, and he, too, eventually lost his sons, the Ark of the Covenant and his life.

Finding the balance between panic and passivity can be difficult.  You may have heard the phrase “Let go and let God”. …

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  1. jessicag said:

    Needed this right now!!!


  2. Perfect timing. I needed this. Still trying to discern when I am called to step up and when I need to sit back.


  3. I know of a different use of “let go and let God”. Being a recovering drunk, I had to stop fighting alcohol and allow god to remove the urge to pick up a drink – which did happen… But that isn’t the end, I have to do my part to make sure it doesn’t come back. I have to work some steps, talk them over with my sponsor and most importantly I have to pass on what I’ve learned to others, giving the glory for my now awesome life to God… That’s how “let go and let God” is meant to work.


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