Sunday The Visiting Day

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
April 25, 2000

He was looking forward to this moment all day long, after 6 days of labor and it finally arrived – Visiting Day!

The man with the keys arrived to swing open the large, heavy doors. The cold gray hall springs to life in the warm glow of light. He could hardly control His emotions.

The families began to arrive. He peers from the corner of the room longing for the 1st glimpse of His loved one. He lives for the weekends. He lives for these visits.

As the cars arrive, He watches intently. Then, finally, they arrive, for whom He would do anything. They embrace, eat a light lunch and reminisce how things used to be.

At one point, they break into singing, with interruptions of laughter and applause. But all too soon it is over. A tear comes to His eyes as they depart.

Then the man with the keys closes the heavy doors. He hears the key turn in the lock marking the end of a special day. There He stands, alone again.

He knows that most of His visitors will not contact Him again till next week. As the last car pulls away from the parking lot, Jesus retreats into loneliness as He waits until next Sunday – Visiting Day.

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author
 so credit can be given


  1. A different perspective, indeed. Thanks for stopping by the blog and liking “Accepted”.


  2. stayton said:

    Great picture – not of us all, thank you God – but of too many!


  3. seeker said:

    thanks for the site, I will go visit it.


  4. When you learn to walk with him daily minuet in and minuet out
    when you can walk in the spirit you are walking with CHRIST and
    in this way he is your friend. There is not one minuet that he is not on my mind,
    and there is never a situation that happens that I do not make him part of it.
    He is my buckler, my shield my high tower.


  5. The sad reality is that there are many more who come on “visiting day” but don’t exchange one word with Him.


    • absolutely sure of that. They are probably part of those to whom Jesus will have to say, “Depart from me, I never knew you.”


  6. Beautiful! The image created slowly built my sympathy for the ‘man’ and the reveal at the end had its full effect. Thanks for sharing!


  7. That is a great perspective. I am sure we can all spend more time with our Lord. His love for us is so great. I do not think we always realize how He enjoys us.


  8. Makes one wonder… how long until, “Jesus has left the building?”


  9. Reblogged this on mythotsexactly and commented:
    Wasn’t quite expecting the end. Makes one wonder if we’re really worthy of God’s love for us because most of us are guilty of this. Sunday medicine or is it tonic?!


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