Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
April 15, 2013

No matter how carefully I try to pull one out, I never get the whole thing. The root stays deep in the ground, threatening to grow and blossom again. But despite their bad reputation, dandelions are pretty little flowers with their yellow strands all tucked neatly into the center. And truly they are the most beautiful of all flowers when presented clutched in a child’s dirty little hand. No one gets yelled at for picking them. Perhaps they grow only to be used and enjoyed by children.

Dandelions are ignored or attacked, never nurtured or cared for, and yet they always bloom profusely. They demand no pampering or special attention to yield their bright blossoms; they pop up in fields, in lawns, and between cracks in the sidewalk, even in the best neighborhoods.

Can you imagine trying to grow them in a garden? They’d sneak through the boundaries and pop their sunny yellow faces up in the surrounding lawn. They would never stay put.

Believers should be more like dandelions. Our sunny yellow faces should be a reminder that simple faith has deep roots that are impossible to dislodge. Our vast number would show the world that even though we are not fancy or pampered, we are evident everywhere, even in the best neighborhoods. We should be as easily accessible as a dandelion. Jesus is. We need to get out of our gardens and jump across the boundaries that keep us where people expect to find us. We need to show our sunny yellow faces in all the spots that need a little brightening – the crack in the sidewalk or the lawn of a country club.

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  1. So simply stated and yet, so profound. I agree 100 %. I like the sunny yellow faces of the dandelion.


  2. As an avid gardener, I will never look at dandelions the same again! Thank you for the lovely perspective!


  3. I think I’ll be a dandelion–springing up where no one expects me! Thank you!


  4. priya24y said:

    A great great inspiring post, just love it..


  5. So very true and insightful! Thanks for sharing this one, Kenny T! Time to get my dandelion “on” and shine my sunny yellow face to the people I meet this weekend! 🙂 Dave


  6. A dear friend of mine who is a biology teacher says, “A weed is merely a plant out of place.”


  7. James said:

    Actually, I disagree. While it would be ideal for believers to be like dandelions, that is, extremely common all over the planet, in fact, we know that in the end, we’ll be a remnant, which implies few in number, relative to our environment. Being a “holy people” implies being set apart or “not common.” Dandelions are common so that probably means, they aren’t us.


  8. PLEASE! Never dig a dandelion out until it is HUGE! But you can mow the flowers.The root of a dandelion makes the most delicious coffee, without the caffeine. Just pull out the root when it is as big as you can grow it, scrub it, use the leaves for salads, roast the roots in the oven, grind them to powder, and brew like coffee grains. Smells and tastes just like coffee. It’s also a well-known liver cleanser.


  9. What the post said is so true, yet if believers were to do as suggested, which they ought to, BTW, they would receive the same “welcome”.


  10. I love it Kenny T!
    – It speaks to the Great Commission (Go and make disciples of all the nations), and
    – It points out a great model for Christian growth: deep roots that result in effortless, yet persistent growth. I wonder if Jesus had had dandelions handy if it would have changed Matt 6:28-29 “And why worry about your clothing? Look at the [dandelions] of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.” (Matt 6:28–29 NLT).

    Keep up the awesome flow of material… and be blessed!


  11. I love this! My children would gather them up, give them to me as proud as they could, and I acted like they were a dozen roses placing them in an elegant vase. Perspective 😀 . Take care! 🙂 Have a great week, too!


  12. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    This is great too! Besides, it makes me feel better about all those “sunny yellow faces” scattered across my yard.


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