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[6/365] Eric Carle StickersWhen our son, Gabriel, was 3 years old, he received these beautiful “Eric Carle” stacking/nesting blocks for Christmas. On one side of each block was a colorfully painted number, going from 1 to 10. On the other side was an animal illustration from Eric Carle’s books, embellished with a different texture (such as soft fur or ridged cardboard) for tactile learning. These blocks were well-loved. And, as much as I wanted to keep them forever, they eventually fell apart after many little hands have played with them and many drooling mouths have gnawed on them.

I recall one night I was helping Gabriel stack them, counting along as he carefully placed the next block on top. His face lit up as he saw how high we were able to build the tower, almost taller than he was. When he was about to place the #9 block ever so gently, one-year-old…

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  1. Thank you for passing this on to your readers! It’s truly an honor! God bless you!


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