Rags At The Banquet

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
April 1, 1995

Once upon a time, a man lived in the streets, clad only in the dirtiest and worst of rags. One day a person from the Palace noticed him, and approached him. There was going to be a banquet at the Palace, and he had instructions to come and invite people from the highways and byways. Would the man like to come?

The fellow was indeed interested. However, he could not attend a banquet dressed in his rags. The Palace representative assured him they would exchange his rags for some suitable finery to wear to the banquet.

All was in order. The two arrived at the Palace where they went directly to the dressing chambers of the King. Servants took the filthy rags, bundled them in a little package, and proceeded to rub, scrub, and clean the man from top to bottom.

He was then allowed to choose his robes from the closets of the King. He was told that whatever he picked he would be able to keep, so he carefully examined all the many garments in the closet. He chose an exquisite inner garment of purest silk, and an outer robe of finest purple satin. He was ready for the banquet!

As they left the dressing quarters, the man grabbed his old rags. The servants told him to just leave them, because he wouldn’t need them anymore. However, he insisted on taking the bundle with him. Even though he didn’t need the rags now, he felt more secure somehow if he could just hold on to them.

In the Palace banquet hall, the festivities were about to begin. So many were there, including the King himself. The man was seated, looking resplendent in his new attire. He hid his bundle of rags on his lap, underneath the tablecloth, so no one would see them.

The banquet was not to be believed! There was music and dancing, and every kind of delicacy imaginable. As the trays were passed, the beggar had difficulty getting the food onto his plate. He was constantly juggling the package of old rags on his lap, balancing it so it wouldn’t fall off. It constantly distracted him from what was going on in the grand hall.

Eventually the evening ended and the great gala event was over. Everyone was stuffed to the gills except for the man clinging to his rag bundle. He was as hungry as when he had come in. He never had eaten even one morsel of the food. He had been too busy fixing and holding on to his old rags.

Today, you are all invited to God’s great banquet, to leave our old ways and old rags, and to say, “Yes!” to Him and to a new and glorious way of living. That is good news!

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author
 so credit can be given
  1. seeker said:

    It’s a good story however I felt sadness about the man who lived on the street. He may have been dressed up to fit into the crowd but did the crowd or anybody made him comfortable in his own skin?


    • Yes, I felt compassion for the man also, however when I can be comfortable in my own skin…no mater what surrounds me, I am of my road to peace.The baggage from the past can keep me from getting their!


  2. ronkeh7 said:

    Oh Lord! The courage it takes to change oneself! To trust in yourself! To trust in your Higher Self! To trust in the Divine All That Is! To trust in the Universe! Yet, there is no other way forward; there is no other way to live!


  3. @”Today, you are all invited to God’s great banquet, to leave our old ways and old rags, and to say, “Yes!” to Him and to a new and glorious way of living. That is good news!…

    >This is message right here is worth its weight in GOLD..From looking back ; many fall. Dig the message. Living this message out LOUD. It is the truth.


  4. I don’t know the author but I think he missed the point.
    !. If they had packed up his clothes for him properly, he would not have had to juggle them all night.
    2. the beggar knew that as soon as he was back on the streets he would have to pawn the new clothes because he needed to survive in a country that did not care for its unfortunates and in any case , if he didn’t someone was going to steal them.
    3. The king got to feel good for a day but the beggar had to survive for the other 364 days.

    If you do find the author, tell him his story needs some editing.



    • Terry, I agree with you that the story would take some engineering were I to use it myself in teaching. It could take on two or three different directions. By itself, it needs “engineering” but used to modify a particular teaching point, very good. I am amazed at how different readers take different things from my blog and when they comment, the point they took I did not have in mind at all! It must be what they needed that particular time, and if my writing for that day helped, Praise God.


  5. Not only is that good news; it is what Christ’s resurrection is all about! Thanks for sharing, Kenny T! Every day I try to leave my old rags in the closet and wear my new garments! It’s not easy, is it? God bless you, my friend! 🙂


  6. I used to say that I have a bellhop walking behind me with my baggage. As I have found Christ, the bellhop is losing his way and no longer behind me. Amen


  7. I love this blog and need to learn that I’m an invited guest to the banquet and just drop the rags and leave them. Easier said than done but grateful to the challenge.



  8. Reminds me of the last lines of an old song: “Then at last I comprehended, with my finite mind and dull, that God could not pour His riches into hands already full.”


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