Hank’s Adventure

The Shepherd's Presence

Almost every evening I sit down in my recliner, put Hank in my lap, and let him have the freedom to run up and down my arms, across my shoulders, behind my back.  He looks over the edge of the chair arm and I just know someday he is going to get away from me, but I don’t have a cat.  Hank seems to trust me.  After last night, I am not sure he should!

I bought Hank shortly after Christmas.  It is cold in my recliner, so I cover it with an old electric blanket and I sit on it instead of under it—except for last night.  When Hank did his little journey behind my back he did not come to the other side.  Instead, he snooped around and went between the seat and the arm cushion.  He had never seen such a place before since it was always…

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