Praying in a Jungle

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
February 22, 1999

I want to relate an event which happened nearly ten years ago. I was nine at that time, still a small child back then. It happened in a village in Alibaug a place in Maharashtra in India during the summer holidays.

We (my mom and me) were at the beach for quite some time when we decided to go back. Normally, after walking for about 10 minutes, we would reach the hotel.

My mom asked her friend where our sandals were (we were still at the beach). Her friend pointed in some direction, and my mom then went there. However, soon mom realised we were lost.

We were now in a quite a big jungle. And since it was noon, the ground was quite hot and my mom had to carry me. I was scared. I didn’t understand then, our plight, mom was in a big jungle with her 9-year-old kid and completely lost.

I was scared and didn’t know what to do. So I began to pray. As a child, the only prayer I knew was “Our Father” and “God Our Protector” (Psalms 92). I don’t remember which of the two I prayed, but I do remember my mother telling me that as soon I had finished praying, a woman stood before my mother. The woman gave mom her chappal (slippers) and told my mom that she had crossed an entire village and currently was in a different village. That woman safely took us back to the hotel we were staying at.

My parents told me it was that kind woman who helped mom back then. However, I know it was Master Yahuwah (LORD) who helped us.
Author – Mark Mascarenhas

  1. lilyboat said:

    The Lord sends us help all the time by His grace. This is a true example. At one point in history He came Himself and died for us to give us the ultimate help. I have been lost in the woods alone as well, so I can relate to the fear in this story. I did pray too, very loudly, screaming help! help! and a very nice young man appeared to lead me back to safety. I knew He was God sent which is what I had told him. Isn’t it wonderful to be used by God? 🙂


  2. 🙂 At the bleakest times or just when we need a hand or hug… Good morning, Kenny! Hope it is a good one! Take care! 😀


  3. This is a beautiful and inspirational story. God is so good 🙂


  4. God heard your prayer and sent an angel to the rescue– this is the Beauty of the Creator at work.


  5. God is so good to us! Thanks for the reminder of His protection and care!


  6. God hears our prayers and helps us! We just have to ask him and trust him.


  7. I love these stories of God’s intervention, seen through the eyes of child-like faith.


  8. Lisa Bellamy said:

    That is a wonderful remembrance of God’s intervention in your life at a time of crisis during your childhood. I have experienced this as an adult in several crucial circumstances. It is nice to know that while our heavenly Father is always with us, Emmanuel, every now and then He makes His presence visibly known.


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