Flight with an Angel

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
April 17, 1989

As sadness overcame me, with memories of a sister,
snatched away, without any rhyme or reason,
it seemed that missing her grew even stronger,
with every passing season.

One night, as I lay down to sleep,
I felt my sorrow deepen.
Startled by a vision, I thought I must be sleeping.

An angel appeared beside me, consoling me with love.
As she reached out to touch me,
we were whisked into the air above.

I knew not our destination;
this mode of travel was not of my own.
Up into the air, underneath her wing, I arose,
and in an instant, we were gone.

We traveled to a country,
where rooftops were all covered with snow.
As we flew across the night sky,
the whole village glistened below.

Suddenly, we were standing in a home,
someplace far, far away.
As I heard a chorus of angelic voices ring out,
I knew it must be Christmas Day.

There was a multitude of children, standing,
smiling around a huge Christmas tree.
As I peered into their loving faces, they, one by one,
offered gifts to me.

The angel turned, and with a radiant smile,
she spoke as softly as could be.

“Don’t fret about one lost sister, Child,
for you have many in the world, you see?
Look beyond your sadness, dry your tears,
and seek comfort from your brothers and sisters of love.

Your family consists of so many others,
and is much greater by far,
than you could ever dream of.”

(c) Sandra Lewis Pringle
All Rights Reserved
  1. I need to print this off and use it. I have a facebook friend that seems to enjoy mourning her lost child. Yes, enjoy. I think it is morbid and selfish. Both of my parents are in Heaven, and a baby sister. Part of living is dying. This poem may be helpful.


  2. Patty O said:

    I will be sharing your post with one of my co-owners in my business. She lost a sister as a child, and we own a store called “Secret Sisters Boutique” and speak of how we are sisters. She will find it incredibly poignant. Thank you for sharing this poem – it’s incredibly beautiful.


  3. 😀 The pathway to peace and the comfort in knowing that there is *more* 🙂 . Good morning, Kenny! I hope your week will be so very blessed! Take care. 😀


  4. I CAN NOT click on the like button on this post. This post is LOVELY and creases my heart, may it creases others as well.


  5. mom923 said:

    this is beautifful, I needed this today. I miss my mom terribly and its been almost 5 months that she has been gone. She loved angels and I am taking that legacy with me. God bless you.


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