The Power of a Little Prayer

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert
February 8, 1994

It was the end of a great day! My wife and I were on our way home. It was about midnight. We were both relaxed and enjoying the ride on a clear autumn night. I was driving our 1999 Mazda 626 down the highway and was preparing to exit onto a major 4 lane road.

Sarah and I frequently pray as we travel, especially at night. We were both in a reflective mood and decided to pray about half way home. I had already finished praying to God. Sarah was still talking to Him as we started up the long exit ramp. She was asking Him for His protection on all her family who were also traveling home that evening. Little did she know we were about to become the recipients of that very protection.

We both were watching the traffic light as we got about half way up the ramp. It was solid green. There were no vehicles in front of us so we simply rolled into the intersection at about 30 MPH, to make the sweeping left turn onto the other road.

As we entered the intersection we saw a flash of light to our left and instantly heard a loud crash and felt a jarring impact. Our bodies were thrown to the right, then whipped back immediately to an upright position. I felt a sharp blow to my lower side and back as our car stopped dead in the intersection. It felt like somebody had hit me full force with a baseball bat. I just sat there, dazed and moaning. I could not believe what had just happened.

I heard my wife asking me if I was OK. I told her my back hurt but otherwise I seemed to be alright. I asked if she was injured, expecting an answer involving neck pain. Praise God she was completely unhurt! I then realized that I did not have any neck trauma either. In spite of being violently slammed sideways we had no obvious injuries to our necks.

The paramedics checked me over in the car then helped me out the passenger side because the drivers side was crushed shut. They checked me out in the ambulance and said I was OK except for some possible bruised ribs where the side impact door beam hit me in the back. I didn’t even have to go to the hospital.

Our car had to be towed away, (it had almost $10,000 damage), but we walked away! Amazingly, the 3 teenagers in the Blazer that hit us were also completely unharmed. The speed limit was 45 MPH on that road and the driver said she had a green light, so she would not have been slowing down before she hit us broadside in the intersection. There is no reasonable explanation for the lack of serious injuries for all of us, unless we believe in miracles! We do!

There are a lot of things that don’t make any sense about this whole thing. Looking back on the accident, and observing the damage to the vehicles, there are many things that I simply don’t understand. This all should have been much worse!

What I do know is this. Jesus saves… more ways than one! Jesus heard my wife’s prayer for protection. He put an angel between the two vehicles to absorb the majority of the energy that would have sent some of us to the hospital with major injuries. His intervention saved lives that night. I walked away from an accident that other people, at other times, never did. Why? I can’t answer that question.

I don’t know the mind of God and why He chooses to save one and not another at any given time. What I do know is that God is good all the time….and all the time God is good! His goodness and love never changes. He allows nothing bad to happen that is not ultimately for some good. He has a purpose for each and every one of us, and maybe we don’t always understand it, but there is a reason for all things, good and bad, in our lives.

I don’t know why He chose to spare me and my wife this time, but we are very thankful that He did. He also extended His mercy to the 3 teens that we didn’t even know and spared them too. I don’t claim to know all the answers. All I can testify to is the fact that at the time of impact my wife was talking to God and asking for His protection, and we all walked away from this wreck with no serious injuries. The facts speak for themselves! What more can I say?


Author - Tony K.
  1. chilipowderinthepears said:

    Cool story, ESP since it had a happy ending. However, what if the ending had been tragic? It bothers me when people say God has a purpose for everything b/c it gives the impression that He causes all things, good or bad. And those words are hardly comforting to someone who is walking through tragedy. God is good all the time and can use bad events for good, but I think we have to be careful in our choice of words. God doesn’t have a reason for all things; rather, we live in a fallen world, but we have a Redeemer in all things!


  2. What a great story! Prayer and faith – an excellent combination! Thanks for sharing, Kenny T! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


  3. 😀 I can identify with this story so much. I know God uses all things for His glory. Sometimes it is not as we would want but our disappointments should not diminish the Hand of God. God bless you, Kenny 🙂 and all who seek to glorify Him. Take care–and thanks for no tears today!!! 😀


  4. I’ve often walked away from situations where I felt I was saved from some kind of unknown harm. This is a reminder or God’s presence in every moment of our lives. Thanks.


  5. I can completely relate to this (What I do know is that God is good all the time….and all the time God is good! His goodness and love never changes. He allows nothing bad to happen that is not ultimately for some good. He has a purpose for each and every one of us). I know most don’t know my story. I is hard for me to explain completely for others to understand. I can tell you this, when healing and teaching began, Spirit taught me good, more good, nothing was bad. It is like a baby learning to walk, but this time it is with Christ, like an infant inside. Love the post.


  6. jedart said:

    Hey! Glad you enjoyed my post. Just posted about Encinitas and maybe you know the place? Aside from that check out the Tin Drums (my human post) a project started by my son From L.A. folk to Blues-jazz rock. Thanks for making contact and a sweet blog ideas. jed


  7. I have had similar multiple experiences, including a totaled car with 2 children under 3 in the back seat who were sprayed with glass from head to foot with no scratches, a son involved in a horrific bus accident who survived with minor injuries while others were horribly injured, and a loss of breaks going 55 mph. Lucky? I don’t think so.


  8. What a beautiful testament to God’s protection for those who seek Him. Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my blog! It’s much appreciated 🙂
    God bless!


    • Hey Michelle, It is an honor to be nominated for this award!! Thank you so much!! Take care and God Bless. :-). Kenny T


  9. Patty O said:

    Such a wonderful and poignant story as I too was in an accident yesterday. I was driving on slippery roads and my wheels felt like they got stuck in an edge and away I went around and around into the ditch. As I started to turn I saw a marker pole on the side of the road…and said a prayers out loud “Oh Lord please keep me safe”. Not only did I miss the marker by inches, but I landed in a soft, snow filled ditch inches away from some bush branches. Before I called 911, I said a prayer of thank you to God. It’s a time of very low funds right now in our lives, and God not only saved me from harm, but also my car which I was able to drive away after a tow truck pulled me out. God is always good! There was another accident I was on 13 years ago where my fan flipped on its side and came to rest just beside a jagged rock wall…once again slippery roads. My two daughters and I were all strapped in and left hanging by our seat belts. The man who towed our van out told us we were incredibly lucky – there were scratches from the rock wall on our roof. I knew there was no luck involved. Once again I prayed as our vehicle spun out on the ice. Thank you for sharing your story.


  10. spiritualsignposts said:

    Thank you for sharing, what a miracle! May God bless you and your blog.
    Thanks too for the visit.


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