How Long…?

I Am Kay Dee

girl waiting

Waiting is not my strong suit.  As a matter of fact, I’m awful at it.  Yes, I’ve posted about ‘waiting’ before, but, I need to post again.  It helps me. 🙂

The most annoying thing about waiting is…well…waiting.  Here are some examples:

  • Waiting in line…why can’t they open another line?
  • Waiting to get around the person in front of you who is driving like a turtle…why do they always show up when I’m in a hurry?
  • Waiting for your kids to get out of the bathroom….what in the WORLD could they be doing in there for so long?
  • Waiting for someone you’re picking up…who never comes out of the house on time.
  • Waiting for your food to get done cooking…and even the microwave is too slow, so you take your food out with 3 seconds to spare.

These are every day waits.
How about deeper ones?

  • Waiting on your wayward…

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  1. I am waiting too! For some reason your blog appears in wordpress reader, but not in my e mail. I wonder if that is hapening to other people???


    • I noticed that too, yesterday. I was signed up for the posts, but not comments. I thought we had to always hit the check box for a reply. I still didn’t get the post today. But it is in my reader. Maybe I’ll make MS&D a favorite on my favorites bar like I have Linda’s Bible Study. Then it won’t matter. 🙂 Or use the reader all the time. 🙂 Have a wonderful Saturday!


  2. Karyl, I was having the same experience. I accidentally solved the problem. I had opened my Reader, and noticed on the right hand side, at the top, the “Blogs I Follow”–click on the “edit” option, and you can control who shows up in you email. Hope that helps.


  3. Why you were chosen, why an angle saved you, why Jesus listened to your pray that night. Who are we to judge, we simply cannot understand. Our role is to have faith in the resurrection of Jesus and love our brothers. Everything else is on auto pilot. Great post and I am glad for the miracle and blessing you have received.


  4. This post was so encouraging–Thank u for taking the time to write it! I have such a problem with waiting too, and I feel like God is really “refining” me in that area 🙂


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