Grace…what does it mean to you? Is it something that you can buy or something you can share? Is grace something you can hold in your hand? Do we even know what grace looks like as in can we recognize it when we see it?


I wrote a piece the other day for my Protect Your Heart blog called “Grace and Trust.” (link) I thought I needed to learn to trust again after being hurt so badly. I forgot about grace. Picture someone with a heart who wants to share that heart with another, maybe a few others–not serious but each time she gives that heart to Flowerssomeone she expects trust in return—she thirsts for trust because she wants to believe it still exists but she has certain stipulations on how that heart is treated in order for it not to be broken. In the effort she…

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  1. Tawny said:

    This was beautiful. I never thought how grace must come before trust. Thanks for that! 🙂


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