Sweet Rains


Last night I received a call from my son, Max.  He sounded sad.  Gracie, his two-year-old daughter and my granddaughter, had lost “Baby Sad”, her favorite doll.  Since I live closer to the grocery store where “Baby Sad” was thought to have been lost, he asked if I could try and find her.  He had already called the store, but she had not yet been found.

I quickly scanned the nearly empty, dark parking lot before going inside, and then I inquired at the customer service desk.  No “Baby Sad”.  When I told the young woman behind the counter that I’d be looking around the store, she called two staff members over and asked them to help.  As they headed in one direction, I informed them I would start at the other end.  I expected to meet at least one of them halfway as I carefully, yet quickly scanned…

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