The Lonely Girl

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert – January 1, 2001

Bare foot and dirty, the girl just sat and watched the people go by. She never tried to speak, she never said a word. Many people passed, but never did one person stop. Just so happens, the next day I decided to go back to the park, curious if the little girl would still be there. Right in the very spot as she was yesterday, she sat perched on high, with the saddest look in her eyes.

Today I was to make my own move and walk over to the little girl. As we all know, a park full of strange people is not a place for young children to play alone. As I began walking towards her, I could see the back of the little girl’s dress indicated a deformity. I figured that was the reason the people just passed by and made no effort to help. As I got closer, the little girl slightly lowered her eyes to avoid my intent stare. I could see the shape of her back more clearly. It was grotesquely shaped in a humped over form.

I smiled to let her know it was OK, I was there to help, to talk. I sat down beside her and opened with a simple Hello. The little girl acted shocked and stammered a “hi” after a long stare into my eyes. I smiled and she shyly smiled back. We talked ’til darkness fell and the park was completely empty. Everyone was gone and we at once were alone.

I asked the girl why she was so sad. The little girl looked at me and with a sad face said, “Because I’m different.”

I immediately said “that you are!” and smiled.

The little girl acted even sadder, she said, “I know.”

“Little girl,” I said, “you remind me of an angel, sweet and innocent.”

She looked at me and smiled, slowly she stood to her feet, and said, “Really?”

“Yes, dear, you’re like a little guardian angel sent to watch over all those people walking by.”

She nodded her head “yes” and smiled, and with that she spread her wings and said, “I am. I’m your guardian angel,” with a twinkle in her eye.

I was speechless. Surely I was seeing things. She said, “For once you thought of someone other than yourself, my job here is done.”

Immediately I stood to my feet and said, “Wait, so why did no one stop to help an angel?”

She looked at me and smiled, “You’re the only one who could see me, and you believed it in your heart.” And She was gone.

And with that my life was changed dramatically. So, when you think you’re all you have, remember, your angel is always watching over you.

Mine was.

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author so credit can be awarded.
  1. My spirit guide has told me that I am never alone. He and other guides and angels are always watching over me and helping and healing me.

    Love and Light


  2. Lex said:

    I am a very new reader of your blog but already I have found myself incredibly inspired by the words you share. This story in particular reminded me of an experience that I had several years back. I was involved in a fairly serious car accident. one that no one could believe I walked away from, myself included. I work EMS and have seen vehicles that looked far better off than mine that day and the passengers have not been so fortunate. Anyway, back to my story, I was driving alone down a pretty major rural road on a VERY windy day. I was getting near to my destination when I felt the wheels of the vehicle start to slide out from underneath me. I fought to regain control of the vehicle but my efforts were in vein. As I hit the guard rail and felt myself begin to roll I closed my eyes and asked Jesus to take control and to be with me – I honestly thought I was going to die in that moment. Then just as quickly as I had lots control I felt a hand on my shoulder. And not just any hand, but a BIG, STRONG, POWERFUL hand. I knew in that moment that whatever happened that I was going to be okay. As I rolled I opened my eyes and there seated next to me, visible as clearly as the keyboard I am typing on was my grandfather.

    In his life my grandfather was a big man. He stood 6″8′, size 14 feet and had a body that fit that frame. He and I were incredibly close when I was growing up and I was the one who was at his bedside when he took his last breaths. The night he died he and I spoke as we hadn’t since I was young . He had severe Alzheimer’s and hadn’t knows who anyone in our family was for at least two, maybe three years prior to his death, but on that night, as I sat next to his bed and told him that he didn’t have to keep fighting and holding on just for us, that we would be okay when he was gone, he opened his eyes and called my name. Clear as you and I would speak today he spoke to me and assured me that he loved me, my mother, both of his sons and my brother. He took my hand and squeezed it and told me that he would always be with me and then he closed his eyes, smiled and as peacefully as I have ever seen him he drifted off into what would be his last sleep.

    There had been lots of times prior to my accident, and many times since that I have sensed my grandfather with me, but never have I seen his as clearly as I did that day. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, what kind of explanation they are to offer, I know with every fiber of my being that my grandfather is my guardian angel and that he was sent by our Lord to guide me and my vehicle that day.

    Thank you for reminding me of this precious memory and for prompting me to reflect on the awesome power that exists through our Lord Jesus Christ.


  3. Worn to Won said:

    Hi Kenny. Really thought provoking as the bible is very clear about the existence of angels. I have been in Gods presence, met Jesus eye to eye but never seen an/my angel. I remain hopeful. As always, loving your posts. Live in the Victory 🙂


  4. I have most of Scott Adam’s Dilbert books on a shelf within reach of my computer. A gift one Christmas from my daughter.
    I am aware of angelic presence. One in particular seen 20 years apart. Identical look of a young clean cut male.
    The children are withering on the vine in America. Thank you for being a voice of encouragement.
    -Gary B.


  5. Angels are as real as Heaven and God that I know to be true. But what I get from this is the ability to see, really see those who are considered to be less fortunate (social status, disfigurement etc) as God would see them and give them the love they are due. It seems that Christians and the world at large only want to put on the face of charity and charitable acts during the holiday seasons but forget that when we stand before God and are judged it is our *lives* he will judge not just two months out of each year.

    “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” 1 Cor.13:1-3

    Love for God is to have love for His Word and to apply it. Love, like faith, without works, is dead.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment with this word!!!!! My hope is that everyone that reads this post is reading the comments today. Great words of encouragement!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  6. You just saved me time in searching for a very short story that taught the element of inference. I needed it for a student this evening. God provides.


  7. Dang nab it, I can’t cry in the middle of Starbuck’s! *sniffle sniffle*

    (Great post!)


    • You may be crying, I’m laughing at your situation in Starbucks!!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  8. Thanks for liking a post on my blog. It prompted me to look at yours, and I’m now following. I’m not religious, but I don’t think I need to be, to be inspired by the stories you tell. There’s room in everyone’s life for a little inspiration, right?


    • Hey Clive, Thanks for stopping by and taking a chance on following Morning Story and Dilbert!!!! I love the flower on your post “On Remembrance Sunday” ( The red is beautiful!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  9. Love this story. You never know when you may be entertaining angels unaware…even in a park. Thanks so much for sharing!


  10. Thank you so much for sharing. Everything you post always warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye. Thank you.


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