Rat in the Butter

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert – 7/20/1999

You may have heard the story of the woman who was churning butter a couple of generations ago…using one of those old cylindrical butter churns with a plunger. She had to leave the churn for a moment and when she returned, she discovered a rat had scampered up the side of the churn and had fallen into the thickening buttermilk.

She fished the rat out and as she finished churning her butter she formulated a plan to solve her dilemma. She carefully wrapped her block of butter in paper and headed down to the local butcher shop. Handing the freshly made butter to the butcher she said, “While I was churning this butter, a rat fell in the churn. I fished him out, and I think the butter is fine, but I just can’t forget that rat and I don’t think I can eat this. Could you exchange this butter for another block of butter and just sell this butter to someone else? After all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

The butcher smiled and said, “Of course I can. I’ll be right back.” He took the lady’s butter and disappeared into the back of his shop where he carefully unwrapped the block of butter and then wrapped it again in new butcher paper. He returned to the lady, handed her the block of re-wrapped butter and smiled as he said, “You’re exactly right! What you don’t know can’t hurt you!”

Author Unknown - Please comment if you know the author so credit can be awarded.
  1. MrTheKidd said:

    That story, whilst amusing, is precisly wrong. There is an awful lot out there that we don’t know about, or rather, people choose to ignore, that can more than hurt us, it can destroy our hearts.


    • ronfurg said:

      I agree. Unfortunately today’s society seems less and less interested in the truth and and believing and acting on something that is false is courting disaster.


  2. Kenny, we reap what we sow springs to mind! Live in the Victory 🙂


  3. I like the guy doing the wave! Have a great weekend! By the way, my wife and I are heading your way over Thanksgiving. We’re going to the Biltmore in Asheville. 🙂


    • We went to Biltmore a couple years ago during the Chrismas Holiday…. It is wonderful!!!! The Temperature was just right for a snuggle with my wife and a good cup of coffee!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  4. lala1966 said:

    your page is one I look forward to the most every morning!


  5. While things we don’t know can hurt us along the road, we should never want for others what we are not willing to take on ourselves. She wanted someone else to eat what she wasn’t willing. We do that today in so many things even when we give of ourselves or donate items for those in need.

    Thank you for blessing my day! Have a great one and a great weekend!


  6. shofar said:

    You got me thinking about the many folks who don’t know the Bible as well as they should. They will not only be deceived, but come out on the losing end.


  7. Kenny,
    Your new post -prayer for the wounded didn’t post. When I go there..it isn’t there!


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