Speaking Agape

Morning Story and Dilbert

Vintage Dilbert – May 29, 1989

In the early 60s, Brother Andrew, a man from Holland, smuggled a load of Bibles in his VW across the Romanian border and past communist guards. He checked into a hotel and began praying that God would lead him to the right Christian groups – the ones who could best use his copies of the Scriptures.

That weekend Andrew walked up to the hotel clerk and asked where he might find a church. The clerk looked at him a little strangely and answered, “We don’t have many of those you know. Besides you couldn’t understand the language.” “Didn’t you know?” Andrew replied, “Christians speak a kind of universal language.” “Oh, what’s that?”, asked the clerk. “It’s called Agape.” The clerk had never heard of it, but Andrew assured him. “It’s the most beautiful language in the world.”

Andrew was able to locate several church groups in the area and managed to arrange a meeting with the president and secretary of a certain denomination. Unfortunately, although both Andrew and these men knew several European languages, they found they had none in common. So there they sat staring at each other across the room.

Andrew had traveled thousands of dangerous miles with his precious cargo but there seemed no way of telling whether these men were genuine Christian brothers or government informants.

Finally he spotted a Romanian Bible on a desk in the office. Andrew reached into his pocket and pulled out a Dutch Bible. He turned to 1 Corinthians 16:20 and held the Bible out, pointing to the name of the book, which they could recognize. Instantly their faces lit up.

They quickly found the same chapter and verse in their Romanian Bibles and read: “All the brothers here send you greetings. Greet one another with a holy kiss.”

The men beamed back at Andrew. Then one of them looked throughout his Bible and found Proverbs 25:25. Andrew found the verse and read: “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” These men spent half an hour conversing and sharing – just through the words of Scripture. They were so happy in this fellowship that crossed all cultural boundaries that they laughed until tears came to their eyes. Andrew knew he had found his brothers. When he showed them his load of Bibles, the Romanians were overwhelmed and embraced him again and again.

That evening at the hotel, the clerk approached Andrew and remarked, “Say, I looked up ‘agape’ in the dictionary. There’s no language by that name. That’s just a Greek word for love.” Andrew replied, “That’s it. I was speaking in it all afternoon.”

From the book “God’s Smuggler” By brother Andrew
  1. lilyboat said:

    The story of brother Andrew smuggling the bibles across the border through the inspection is itself another miracle! Great example of God at work. Very inspiring!


    • Thank you for your comment. And it is truly an inspiring story. It amazes me how God communicates in such simple ways to his Believers!!! I hope you have a Blessed day! Take Care 🙂 Kenny T


  2. This was so great and really needed today. And I have a book to add to my reading list which is great:) God Bless!!!


  3. admin said:

    The language of unconditional love is definitely something that goes across all boundaries..It transforms all relationships.


  4. This brings back memories. An old family friend accompanied brother Andrew on one of his trips.


  5. This story brings back memories of friends who made that trek and others. Many have passed on now. Love-agape love-is the universal language that transcends all boundaries both physical and other. Thanks for this. Treasured memories…memories that have become incredible treasures. Take care!


  6. kiwiskan said:

    A very telling cartoon – humans do a lot of that! Also loved the story. What a wonderful way to communicate


  7. Awesome! I also attend a church in my country ‘Trinidad and Tobago’ named : Agape Bible Ministries! Glory to God & thank you for sharing this story.


    • Thank you for your comment!!! And you are from Trinidad!!! 🙂 It is wonderful that God’s children can share with each other from one side of the globe to another!!! This is just awesome…. My wife and I are spending some time on the east coast of North Carolina, USA. We can hear and see the crashing of the waves this morning. It makes the coffee so much better!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


      • kenny, did you ever find “god’s smuggler”? was wondering if it’s even in print anymore. i need to own that one myself. i’m thinking my oldest would be the right age to read it. –kris


  8. The universal launguage of Love- Gods word! I shall ponder and revel in this all day. Thanks Kenny & have a wonderful weekend in Him. Craig.


    • I’m blessed with a good cup of coffee, a warm house, and a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of North Carolina, USA. Take Care, God Bless, and share a good cup of coffee with someone you love this weekend!!! 🙂 Kenny T


  9. Kenny, Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspiring story.


  10. Haha, lovely. Love, like hate, is SUCH a powerful emotion, one leads to relief of stress, one leads to indulgence in stress, love – true love is a wonderful emotion/language/expression, I love the fact that God loves us all and freely, we love Him also!

    Great entry!!!


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