I have received a BLOG award! From fellow blogger notsofancynancy, it is
“Very Inspiring Blog award”.

Here is a little about notsofancynancy:

Her name is Nancy and she says she is not so Fancy. She is fifty something
and loves dogs. Right now she ONLY has three dogs. Someday she hopes to blog
stories of The Dogs Who Loved have loved her in the past. In fact, there may
be a book in the future about her special dogs.

She lives in the High Desert of Southern California and she absolutely loves
that people don’t like the desert. That means more room for her!!! 🙂

One of her earlier jobs was leading historical four wheel drive trips in the
East Mojave Desert. That sounds like one of the hottest jobs around….

Nancy loves and claims to be a Story Teller, not a writer, and loves telling
stories from her past.

Her Claim to fame is sharing stories from her Fathers war letters that he
wrote to his girl friend and later his wife. She is also sharing photos
from the letter exchanges. This is rely cool stuff. I like to get a fresh
cup of coffee, set back, and enjoy her stories. She has a way of writing
that makes you think, analyse, ponder, anticipate, and you can even get
attached emotionally. They are like a soap opera, you can’t wait for her
next post to find out what’s happenning.

Rules for receiving the award:  Answer the questions below and nominate others.
1. What kind of blogs do you read most? I enjoy Post that tug at the heart
strings of joy, peace, excitement, new avenues of thought, bring visions of
encouragement, determination and Christ Likeness.

2. What is your favorite Ice Cream? All Kinds – Nuff Said

3. What is your favorite food? Anything cooked on a Grill.

4. What is your favorite quote? …if you can’t sleep, don’t count the sheep, talk to the Shepherd

5. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment? Grocery shopping and not having my Debit card at the check-out. And my wife being with me!!!! It was not good….

6. What do you prefer, dogs or cats? Dogs

7. Besides writing what is your favorite thing to do? Laugh

8. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Definitely Milk Chocolate

9. What is the best invention you have ever seen? I was watching a
television program the other night and this guy made an ice chest that
tossed a canned soda to you. Shot it right out the top. You did not even
have to get up.

Now Nominate others..

MASAKO AND SPAM MUSUBI Families are the result of decades of
relationships, twists of fate and world events. It is unbelievable how one
decision can ultimately determine how many descendants will be brought into
this world or what happens to them.

Twists of fate and world events can put siblings on opposite sides of a
fence. In my case, my uncle donned on the uniform of the Japanese Imperial
Army during World War II and died on Leyte. My father, although a US citizen
like my uncle who was killed, was imprisoned in stateside camps during WWII
by President Franklin D. Roosevelt just one among over 110,000 Americans of
Japanese descent. Dad then enlisted for the legendary 8th US Army’s Military
Intelligence Service after being released from camp.


Marking our Territory      Hi, my name is Will, and the handsome gentleman
next to me is Mr. Eko, my Rhodesian Ridgeback. We make a pretty good team;
Eko has the brains, looks and personality, and I provide the driver’s
license, credit card and comedic relief. Like any good team, our team has
always had a goal to find adventure. Eko and I love exploring new places,
meeting new people and seeing what the world has to offer…..

Work 4 Christ      If you are like most people, you spend more time at work
than you do at home or in church. Most of us work forty hours per week and,
if we’re lucky, we get to take the weekends off. Keeping God first can be
extremely difficult. In many cases, our work life takes the spirituality
right out of us and leaves us feeling completely empty. We often feel that
there is nothing left to give when the weekend finally does arrive. An hour
at church just doesn’t seem to be enough to get rejuvenated before the next
work day.

At Working for Christ, we want to help. We have designed this site to offer
you some of the biblical tools necessary to help you take Christ to work
with you…..

Very Inspiring Blog award

Very Inspiring Blog award


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