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“You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14)


Are you in the right job, following the proper career path, living in the right city? How can you be certain that God has you where he wants you? The strongest evidence is simply that we’re there. He knows where we are. He sees us (Luke 12:6-7). He is always with us (1 Corinthians 3:16). He has a plan for each of us. Your eyes saw my unformed body;all the days ordained for me were written in your bookbefore one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).  So where we are now – no matter where that may be – is no accident. Until we hear differently, we’ve got to assume that where we are is where He wants us to be – for His reasons, and for His…

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Refraction —

the change of direction
of a ray of light
or sound,
in passing obliquely
from one medium into another
in which
wave velocity
I pray for refraction.

God’s light shining through
the curtains,
the leaves,
fall leaves
the shadows,
Porch shadows
the water,

the air I breathe in —
–passing obliquely
from one medium through another.

Change my wave velocity,
redeem me
to reflect Christ.

This was inspired by the word for the weekly photo challenge — Refraction.

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Good grief.  I know I was told I would have energy – but this is ridiculous!

I had a difficult time falling to sleep – restless legs. You know what that’s like. I felt like running a marathon while laying down in my bed.  My eyes were tired, but I couldn’t keep my legs still.  I got up.  I got down.  And because I knew I had to drink water to flush the toxins out of my system, naturally, I had to go use the facilities…often.  This was a relief of sorts as I had a good excuse to get up!  So- that was how the night marched on.  All in all, though, I woke up feeling rested and refreshed.  (What?)

I woke up at 4:00 and forced myself to stay in bed until 5:30am when I knew Kevin would be up to prepare me a coffee!  (grin)  I stood…

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You can imagine the trepidation that my husband and I felt when we walked into the hospital for my first chemo treatment.  Although the waiting room was beautiful, everything was a mystery.  Do we take a number?  Do we register?  Do I have a cold?

The night before, my family and I had sat down for what I felt was about to be the last supper.  My anxiety was through the roof.  I had actually felt my heart racing as I stared at the steroids I was to take to begin the journey.  These steroids were the threshold of a new world.

“Some ha’ meat and canny eat, and some ha’ meat but want it.  But we ha’ meat and we can eat, so let the Lord be thanket.  Amen”.  This grace, my Dad always spoke at family gatherings, enveloped my spirits.  I was reminded, once again, to count my…

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“I can’t find it.”

“Maybe it’s gone.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had chemo last Tuesday. Maybe the chemo killed that growth.  It’s possible right?”

“It is possible.  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s hiding behind your bowel.”

Crap.  “No, I prefer to think it’s gone.”

This is the hope I hold onto as I move through my second week of post-chemotherapy stress disorder, or PCSD for short.  I wake up and think, “I wonder if it’s gone.”  I eat breakfast and think, “I wonder if this fights cancer?”  I shower and target the heat on the would-be tumors.  I drink water and imagine it rinsing the cancer from my body.  Down the sewer pipes it goes.  I heat my food on the stove – microwaves may be bad.  An apple a day keeps the cancer away and so I eat apples.  I lay down to rest to give my…

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writing_scroll-1I am sending you this letter by one of my disciples. I just wanted to let you know how much I love and care about you, and how I greatly desire to be a meaningful part of your life.

This morning when you awoke, I was already there with you in the light of My beautiful sunshine that filled your room. I was hoping that you would say good morning to Me; you didn’t. So, I thought maybe it was a little too early in the day to notice Me. Again I tried to get your attention when you stepped out of your door. I kissed your face with a soft gentle breeze. I breathed upon you My fragrant sweet breath scented with flowers. Then I sang you a love song through the birds in the trees. You walked right past Me. Later on that day I watched over you…

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How lost was my condition
Till Jesus made me whole!
There is but one physician
Can cure a sin-sick soul
Next door to death he found me,
And snatched me from the grave,
To tell all around me
His wond’rous pow’r to save.

The worst of all diseases
Is light compared with sin;
On ev’ry part it seizes,
But rages most within;
‘Tis palsy, plague, and fever,
And madness-all combined;
And none, but a believer,
The least relief can find.

From men, great skill professing,
I sought a cure to gain;
But this proved more distressing,
And added to my pain;
Some said that nothing ailed me,
Some gave me up for lost;
Thus ev’ry refuge failed me,
And all my hopes were crossed.

At length this great Physician,
How matchless is His grace!
Accepted my petition,
And undertook my case;
First, gave me sight to view him,
For sin…

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